Brand Values
Tradition is key

Pao Xiang stands strong and proud of its cultural heritage, an aspect that is highly-valued within the Chinese community. The traditional virtue of loved ones gathering at the round table for a warm meal is preserved through the restaurant settings. It encourages family and friends to gather, with everyone enjoying a delicious meal, cradled in bowls imprinted with the symbol of the cockerel in hand; just like the good, old days.

Rich in Flavour, Rich in Health

The perfected String-Tied Meat technique lowers the cholesterol content and helps boost the essence of specially selected herbs used in the Bah Kut Teh broth, creating a flavourful dish.


Pao Xiang never compromises in quality. Customers are guaranteed the best in ingredients, facilities and service; an assurance promised to the massive base of Pao Xiang’s loyal customers.

A&P Support

Customer return rate is boosted through regular promotional activities that reward customers through creative marketing, utilising traditional and modern tools such as newspaper ads, posters, and social media promotion.