As one of the most recognized brand in Malaysia’s food industry, Paoxiang offers career opportunities with good prospects without need for elaborated academic qualifications. Anyone with the right attitude, passion to succeed in the food industry will find success with us.

If you love bak kut teh or aspire to make it in the food industry, have relevant experiences, a good attitude and drive to learn, you are more than welcomed to apply to be part of our big family.
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Beginning as a humble bak kut teh stall opened by a bak kut teh enthusiast, Paoxiang rapidly expanded to be a leading brand in the bak kut teh scene throughout Malaysia – a growth that Paoxiang shares with its employees, and a growth that Paoxiang would like to share with those who seek success and fulfilment in the food industry.

Other than standard EPF, SOCSO, annual leave and MCs, Paoxiang also offers further remuneration, which will be measured based on performance and quality of service of the employee in question.